Urchin Stopped Reporting Statistics

Earlier today, one of our hosting customers notified me that there Urchin stats stopped reporting traffic around the beginning of May. Of course my first questions was “why did you wait until now to tell me?” After which I started Googling the problem. I found the solution regarding How do I recover from ‘Unable to open database for writing since it has been archived’ error?.

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Welcome to my own little personal piece of the web…

Go figure. I have been working with the web for over a decade and only recently registered my own name as a dot com. In retrospect, I cannot fathom why I waited this long to get it. I registered robertmullaney.com today at securepaynet.net for only $6.95. So if you are looking for an inexpensive domain registrar, there’s the link. After getting my name and setting up a hosting account (I manage my company’s dedicated servers), I decided to start a blog.

I don’t know exactly how often I will post, but most of what I put on here will be useful in one way or another to me and maybe even you. A lot of what you will find will most likely be code references or links to other sites I tend to use a lot.

My company also spends a lot of time and resources on companies whom, if we deem appropriate, may be referenced here from time-to-time as reputable vendors worth seeking out. This does not mean to contact me for a write-up on your company. If you are worth our time, I will find you and make up my own opinion 🙂

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