Stop Annoying favicon.ico 404 errors

If you’re like me, you don’t like cluttering your main folder with unnecessary files. This is why I hate that some browsers are still looking for ‘favicon.ico’ in the main folder even when you indicate in <head> that’s not where the agent should be looking…

Here is a way to eliminate those PITA 404’s from your error logs… Continue reading Stop Annoying favicon.ico 404 errors

Split fields by characters in MySQL

I have a project where the geographical coordinates for records are stored in a single field separated by a comma. While this may suit general display purposes, it eliminates the capability to search by distance.

Sample data: 34.7451738,-86.5941693

My solution was to add two new FLOAT(10, 6) fields named “lat” and “lng” to the database table. Then I ran this query to populate the two new fields with the existing “coordinates” data.

UPDATE `locations` SET `lat` = SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(`coordinates`, ',', 1) , ',', -1), `lng` = SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(`coordinates`, ',', 2), ',', -1);

Who doesn’t love one-liners for mass-updates in a table 😉

Modules and extensions developed for all versions of OpenCart

Module & Extension Development

Whether you need a new payment gateway, changes to existing modules or extensions, or a new extension developed from scratch… rest assured it will be developed for your version of Open Cart and guaranteed¹ to be free of programming errors.

Check out our list of commercial (and free) extensions developed for Open Cart 1.4.x, 1.5.x and 2.x. Some were created for clients upon request, while others were added simply because we noticed the need in the Open Cart community. Continue reading Modules and extensions developed for all versions of OpenCart

OpenCart Option Value Limits (imposed by server)

If you’re like me you have an OpenCart site with thousands of possible option values for individual product options. Mine resulted from a large import of data. After which, I was no longer able to remove or add more option values (eg: too many fields in the form).

Many people think this is a limitation of OpenCart, which is not the case… the issue resides in your server’s PHP configuration. Specifically with PHP’s max_input_vars and post_max_size directives. Continue reading OpenCart Option Value Limits (imposed by server)

New Open Cart 2.0 Module: Allowed by Country, State / Region or Geo Zone

This new access-restriction module is intended to allow only visitors from desired regions access to your storefront.

Now, if you want to block a specific country or zone, try our zone blocking module instead.

Both modules are limited to 1,000 unique IP requests per day or less. We have taken measures to ensure unnecessary geo-location requests do not occur for the same IP/browser-session. Once geo data has been obtained, it will not be checked again for the same browser/device for 30 days.

AST Refurbished Computers and Internet Explorer Crashing

Just a quick heads-up for anyone who purchases AST refurbished computers (ours came from The last few we received were “Revived by AST” and each came with unexpected issues.

The first unit had memory problems. Which is still sitting here waiting (nearly two weeks) for a call-tag to be issued so we can send it back.

On 2 out of 3 so far, Internet Explorer (IE) crashed every time you tried to load most pages. This prompted a memory diagnostics check on the first one which luckily pointed to a more serious issue.

On the second one, we decided to scan memory for faults before getting to far into the initial setup (eg: installing programs). No errors, so we figured this one was probably fine. That is until we tried opening the IE browser. Same issue as the first machine.

Without a glaring memory problem this time, we had to dig further to figure out why IE keeps crashing. So I downloaded Chrome installer to flash drive and installed so I could started searching from the machine in question.

Here is how to find and fix the problem if you are encountering the same issue… Continue reading AST Refurbished Computers and Internet Explorer Crashing

Installing Updates for Older Adobe CS Suites

If you’re like me, every once in a while you decide to reset  your computer (format & reinstall everything). This means downloading the updates for all your (new and old) software.

Some software like Adobe Application Updates however, simply refuse to install with little or no explanation for older versions of the applications.

The cause? An internally coded expiration date. That is the only thing keeping your updates from installing. Continue reading Installing Updates for Older Adobe CS Suites

Disable Windows 10 Upgrades and Hide GWX (for Good)

I recently wrote a guide for removing GWX (Get Windows 10) and preventing the update from downloading again. Microsoft is however being very persistent and pushing the upgrade again via higher-priority updates.

Microsoft labeled another update (which includes the GWX.exe) as a recommended update which means most of us end up downloading it without even knowing (convenient for most, annoying for many).

The easiest way to get rid of the latest nag screen/icon is to apply the following registry patch (save text as “DisableWIN10.reg” then open the file)… Continue reading Disable Windows 10 Upgrades and Hide GWX (for Good)

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