Get Windows 10 (gwx.exe) Uninstall / Removal

Many are plagued by Microsoft’s shameless promotion using their own distributed adware disguised as an important Windows update. package

Many are not anxious to jump on the subscription-based software band-wagon and be forced to pay annual fees later (most don’t read that far).

Don’t be fooled by that “free upgrade” offer. It’s only free for the first year, after which you are paying as long as you continue using the software. They are giving it free for the first year to saturate the user-base thereby increasing profit margins exponentially the following years.

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UltraTax Errors Caused by Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer

The error message that eventually pops up (if you wait long enough) is displayed below. I called UltraTax support today to find out why this was stopping (luckily) one system in our tax office.


Web Browser: Stop running this script? A script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive. Yes – No

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Send SMS Text Messages via Email

Ever need to send a LOT of information via text? Are your thumbs getting tired? If you know the recipient’s mobile network, use the list below to send them a text via email.

Note: Replace “#” with the actual mobile number 😉

Boost Mobile:
Cingular / Consumer Cellular:
Metro PCS:
Sprint: or
U.S. Cellular:
Virgin Mobile:

This list may be updated occasionally.

Moving Cross-Country

I will be moving from Florida to Arizona next week. So I may be slow to respond to emails during this transition. My phone number will remain the same, so if you have an *emergency, call or text instead of emailing.

* If your store is not offline and you can proceed with business-as-usual, it is not an emergency 😉

New FlashLite (flashlight app) just released for Android 2.2 and above!

Yep, I finally broke down and dove into Android development. Not being a huge fan of java, I avoided it for a bit too long. Nowhere near as difficult to get started as once expected.

I know, I know… another flashlight app?! Well… I have never liked any of the flashlight apps I downloaded from Google Play. They were too slow, too naggy, or required WAY too many permissions for such a simple tool.

FlashLite App

Get FlashLite on Google Play

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Not Found Monitor for Open Cart Updated

I revisited my Not Found Monitor extension for Open Cart and decided to add the ability to override the status header for each URI. If you do not override the header, it defaults back to what is defined in the extension’s general settings.

Buy Not Found Monitor at or from my extension store!

I also found and fixed an unreported bug while manually deleting hit records 😀

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