Open Cart 2: Offline Credit Card Payments


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Fully Compatible with Open Cart 2 and the new Extension Installer!

Offline Credit Cards payments allow you to collect credit card information online for manually processing payments offline using your own physical terminals or virtual terminals.

  • Luhn algorithm credit card number validation
  • Built-in encryption with custom hash
  • No core modifications

Solo / Maestro: Start Date and Issue Number are also displayed during checkout.

PCI Modes:

  • Maximum (all payment information encrypted and emailed; nothing saved in database)
  • Minimal (CVV and half of card number emailed)
  • None (CVV saved in database)

The following PCI modes were added due to multiple requests. Use of the following is highly discouraged. You have been warned.

  • Bad (full card number and CVV saved in database)
  • Worse (all payment information emailed only)
  • Worst (all payment information emailed and saved in database)


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