Custom PHP MySQL Programming – Open Cart Extension & Module Development

Custom PHP/MySQL Programming

I prefer a Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP (LAMP) environment, but can provide programming services using multiple languages for varying platforms.

Ask me about hourly pricing, a per-project quote, or current availability.

Open Cart Extensions

Whether you need a new payment gateway, changes to existing modules or extensions, or a new extension developed from scratch… rest assured it will be developed for your version of Open Cart and guaranteed¹ to be free of errors.

Here is a list of commercial extensions I have developed for Open Cart 1.4.x and 1.5.x. Some were created for clients upon request, while others were added because I noticed a need in the Open Cart community.

I have also developed a few free extensions. Some things are simply not worth charging for 😉

What are you waiting for?

Now that you know I am completely capable and can deliver what you’re looking for, contact me today!

¹Limited to 30 days after initial approval of delivered code. Only applies to errors in code and does not include changes to features or functionality.

2 thoughts on “Custom PHP MySQL Programming – Open Cart Extension & Module Development”

  1. My OC store has a Custom Template.

    During checkout, Generally the customer can pay via Store Credit or Paypal or Credit Card

    However, I also Sell pre-paid cards under the category (PRE_PAID CARD), which SHOULD NOT USE STORE CREDIT at checkout to pay for it.

    So if user has bought 3 products ( 1 Kg Tomato, 2 Kg Potato & Prepaid Card)
    Then Store Credit ( if available) can be used for Paying for Tomato & Potato. NOT Prepaid Card.

    Same applies for Voucher/Discount Coupon.

    I need an extension to help me with this and help integrate it to my store.
    Thank you

    1. I would probably disable the store credit module if anything from “PRE_PAID CARD” was present. Can easily do the same for vouchers/coupons by modifying checkout coupon validation. I will email you directly to continue this discussion 😉

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