PowWeb a little short on hosting power…

I am working on a new client’s site. He happened to already have hosting/email set up with PowWeb. I had of course heard of them so I did not immediately suggest moving to a larger provider as I usually tend to do when it comes to mom/pop hosting companies.

While PowWeb’s control panel seems relatively intuitive and feature-rich, their network and/or servers are so slow I want to shoot myself. This client is using their “PowWeb OnePlan” which is probably one of the low-end packages, but nevertheless it should not be this slow. I acutally have to wait for a 1k file to upload using Dreamweaver, I mean come on… seriously?

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Some people may think GoDaddy/WildWestDomains shouldn’t be in the hosting business, but they are actually quite easy to deal with and impose very few restrictions, most of which you can easily override 🙂

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