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Replace Bootstrap’s JavaScript Form Validation with jQuery Equivalent – Plus Focus First Invalid

I tend to implement Bootstrap > Documentation > Components > Forms > Validation but feel it makes sense to use jQuery since it is required by many Bootstrap components 🤷‍♂️

Code to replace provided example…

$('.needs-validation').submit(function(event) {
    if ($(this)[0].checkValidity() === false) {

Note: That last line focuses on the first invalid field 😉

Original Bootstrap Javacript example…

(function() {
    'use strict';
    window.addEventListener('load', function() {
        var forms = document.getElementsByClassName('needs-validation');
        var validation =, function(form) {
            form.addEventListener('submit', function(event) {
                if (form.checkValidity() === false) {
            }, false);
    }, false);

Suggestions or improvements? Comment below 😊

How to Whitelist Emails & Domains in (MSN, Hotmail, Live, etc)

You ever go looking for an email only to find it in your Junk Mail folder? Here are a few ways to whitelist senders and/or domains avoid the issue.

Individual Messages

This method effectively whitelists the sender of a single message and moves it to your “Inbox” folder.

  1. Open your Junk Mail folder
  2. Right-click the message
  3. Choose “Mark as not junk”

TIP: You can also “Block” senders from the same menu 👍

Manually Whitelist Emails and Domains

If you expect to trust all emails from a particular domain (accountants, banks, etc) you can whitelist their entire domain. This way, regardless of who is sending, any email from their domain will be treated as “Not Junk” and be delivered to your “Inbox” folder

  1. Click the “Gear” icon (top-right of window)
  2. Click “View all Outlook settings”
  3. Click “Mail”
  4. Click “Junk email”
  5. Click “+ Add” under “Safe senders and domains”
  6. Enter the email address or domain
    • You can enter to add a sender, or to whitelist all senders from that domain.
  7. Hit the “Enter” key

TIP: Never whitelist free email domains such,,, etc. You can whitelist individual senders, but most (if not all) free email services are used to send high-volume spam, so whitelisting the entire domain is a bad idea 🙅‍♂️


Know When Visitors Arrive Using LiveZilla Windows App

One of the things that kinda bugged me about the LiveZilla Windows App was the inability to know what’s going on without being in the actual app. Simply put, there are no visual or audible notifications except for chat requests.

Today I finally decided to figure out a better way to monitor my web traffic… Events! Continue reading Know When Visitors Arrive Using LiveZilla Windows App

How to Determine Your LiveZilla Version Number

I am a long-time user of LiveZilla, primarily due to the availability of a Windows app. Aside from some minor quirks here and there, my biggest complaint is not being able to find the version in the Windows/web management user-interface. When I’m looking for the version, it’s usually to see if I’m running a relatively current release (fairly common administrator task). Continue reading How to Determine Your LiveZilla Version Number

Use jQuery Without Loading Scripts in Document

So, I was working on a new theme for an OpenCart store I manage. Since creating it from scratch, I decided to adhere to suggestions from Bootstrap, Google and others that advise loading content-blocking scripts at the bottom of the page instead of in the <head>.

Of course, I ran into the same problem that probably has you reading this article.

How the hell am I supposed to use ‘jQuery’ or ‘$’ before the library is loaded?! Short answer, you can’t. You can however get around the problem with this solution. Continue reading Use jQuery Without Loading Scripts in Document

How to Determine Your Actual Windows Username for Purposes Like Remote Access

I regularly use remote access tools such as LogMeIn, RemoteDesktop and TeamViewer to provide remote support for clients all over the country. Since Windows 8 arrived, getting the Windows username from clients has become increasingly difficult. More often than not I hear “I don’t know” or “my PIN is …”, neither of which provide insight to the actual username. Continue reading How to Determine Your Actual Windows Username for Purposes Like Remote Access

Adjust the Volume for Individual Windows 10 Applications

A quick run-through to show you how to adjust the volume of individual Windows applications…

  1. Right-click your “Volume” icon and select “Open Volume Mixer”
  2. Slide “Device” to 100
  3. Adjust “System Sounds” until achieving desired level
    • You will hear Windows’ “Default Beep” sound when releasing the slider. If moving the slider with your mouse wheel, click/tap bar to hear the test sound.
  4. Continue adjusting the volume for other applications

Continue reading Adjust the Volume for Individual Windows 10 Applications