Reset Gallery3 Admin Password using phpMyAdmin

Just a quote note in case I need to find it again later…

If you forgot your admin password for Gallery3 by Menalto, open the users table via phpMyAdmin and replace the existing encrypted password with the following.


Now, you can log in using 12345 as the password. Make sure you change this immediately after logging back in!

4 thoughts on “Reset Gallery3 Admin Password using phpMyAdmin

  1. Diederick


    I don’t use phpMyAdmin but I changed the password like you said using the mysql cli client. However, Gallery3 still says “Something went wrong. Please try again later.”

    What kind of hashing is this?

  2. Robert Mullaney Post author

    I didn’t have to dig into the code for this one. I simply updated the password in a test installation to “12345” and copied the value from the database here for reference.

    That sounds like you have more problems than just an incorrect password though 🙁

  3. geixer

    Solution provided by Ted Socolofsky in

    Create a file called modules/gallery/controllers/x.php and put this in it:


    Then browse to /gallery3/index.php/x/login_as_admin and you’ll be logged in as an admin.
    Then go to Admin > Users and change passwords till you’re happy.
    Don’t forget to delete x.php!

  4. admin Post author

    Don’t have a gallery distribution to test this out on, but a nice solution for those who would rather modify the file system as opposed to updating the pass via mysql (via phpMyAdmin or ssh) 😉


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