Another UltraTax Breaking Windows Update To Avoid

I covered the initial issues regarding Windows Update patches causing UltraTax to malfunction last month and the problem persists.

The same issues resulting from KB3038314 are also present in KB3049563. The same updates are rolled into the latest IE download packages as well.

Apparently some users think it is okay for it to take a literal minute or two to switch from the client editor to client list and have claimed the latest UT updates corrected all issues. I am not one of those people.

I installed  KB3049563 being hopeful that TR finally sorted all issues. After checking UT performance, I removed it to resume normal operations. Loading the client list still takes way too long.

Just another item to make sure you do not install until Thomson Reuters figures out all the new quirks caused by the latest Internet Explorer (MSIE) patches.

Until then, avoid upgrading IE and do not apply KB3038314 or KB3049563 🙁

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