How to Determine Your Actual Windows Username for Purposes Like Remote Access

I regularly use remote access tools such as LogMeIn, RemoteDesktop and TeamViewer to provide remote support for clients all over the country. Since Windows 8 arrived, getting the Windows username from clients has become increasingly difficult. More often than not I hear “I don’t know” or “my PIN is …”, neither of which provide insight to the actual username.

Here is how to determine you actual Windows username…

  1. Open a Command Prompt
    • Start > Windows System > Command Prompt
    • Right-click Start > Run: cmd [Enter]
    • [WIN+R]: cmd [Enter]
  2. Type: whoami [Enter]

The result will be something similar to “pc\user“. The user portion represents your internal Windows username.

Slightly faster method…

Run: cmd /k whoami

Note: The “/K” switch (eg: keep) executes the specified command and leaves the CMD window open 😉

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