How to Determine Your LiveZilla Version Number

I am a long-time user of LiveZilla, primarily due to the availability of a Windows app. Aside from some minor quirks here and there, my biggest complaint is not being able to find the version in the Windows/web management user-interface. When I’m looking for the version, it’s usually to see if I’m running a relatively current release (fairly common administrator task).

Where to look…


LiveZilla version is defined near the top of the PHP code…


Maybe I’m overlooking something in the app/web management interface, but the version should be easily found. System admins should not have to dig in a file’s code just to determine a version. Good locations I’d consider would be the (otherwise useless) splash* screen, Windows app title, HTML page title, or an About button to display such information.

My LiveZilla wish list…

In case LiveZilla GmbH ever reads this post 😉

  • Version-check utility indicating when new releases are available.
    • Eg: Compare local version to latest stable release during login.
  • Streamline in-place upgrades with a download/extract utility.
  • Dashboard (eg: current visitors, logged users, recent chats, open tickets, etc) instead of that useless logo-only Home screen.

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