How to Disable Missing Location and Subject Warnings When Scheduling New Appointments or Meetings in Microsoft Outlook

Most of the time when adding an appointment to your calendar, the location is generally known or implied (for me anyhow). So when saving a new appointment or sending meeting invites, even though it only takes one click to ignore, the “missing” warning is annoying.

Don’t wanna read? Scroll down for the visual walkthrough 😉

  1. Right-click any tab or ribbon and select “Customize the Ribbon…”
    • Or navigate to File > Options > Customize Ribbon
  2. Check the “Developer” box in your “Main Tabs” list
  3. Now open your calendar and click “New Appointment”
  4. Under the “Developer” tab, choose “Design This Form”
  5. Enter anything in “Subject” and/or “Location” as a default value
    • My preferred “Location” is set as “(none)” with nothing in “Subject” so it still raise the warning for that field.
    • You can also enter a single space character in either field, which disables the warning(s), while appearing to be empty.
  6. Under the “Developer” tab, click “Publish” then choose “Publish Form”
  7. Choose “Personal Forms Library” from the “Look In” dropdown
  8. Enter a display name such as “Appointment” and click “Publish”
  9. Close the “New Appointment” window without saving changes
  10. In the left pane, right-click “Calendar” and choose “Properties…”
  11. Open “When posting to this folder, use:” and select “Forms…”
  12. Choose “Personal Forms Library” from the “Look In” dropdown
  13. Select “Appointment” click “Open” then “OK”

Now whenever you add a “New Appointment” or “New Meeting” it will use the customized form that contains your default values for Subject and Location 😎

Visual Walkthrough 🐟

Note: Walkthrough based on Microsoft Outlook 2016. Prior versions of Outlook can also be customized by following similar steps; though some menus, lists and buttons may be labeled differently.

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