9 thoughts on “OpenCart Checkout With Virtual Merchant Gateway

  1. mac.ma

    i noticed someone reported it doesn’t work. is that true? or is that latest on this module? need you confirm this before buying.
    thank you.

  2. Robert Mullaney

    It was written for a client of mine who still uses the module without error. The code has not been modified since it was originally written and posted on OC’s mod section.

    The person who says it does not work, either entered invalid gateway credentials or is trying to use it with a significantly different version than what is listed on the module page or is trying to use it without an SSL connection (which may be required by VM).

    Edit: I read the comments on OC’s site… my response to the issue was posted as follows…

    I would have responded sooner but this system doesn’t seem to notify me about comments. Someone posted that these comments were here through my blog

    @donniyadkins: we experienced a similar issue recently. It turns out the gateway was temporarily offline or unresponsive (not a bug in our script). The issue was resolved on VM’s end before we had a chance to add code to handle the exception and is no longer reproducible.

    If your problem persists (since the gateway has been up-and-running fine since then), you should contact VM to ensure you are entering the correct account information.

  3. tommyz

    hi how’s it going?

    I purchased the myvirtualmarchent module and am trying to use it with opencart with no success. The issue I am seeing is that once the confirm order button is pressed, I see a quick please wait which disappears and nothing happens. I tried with both live and test servers and I know that my settings are correct. Any suggestions here?

  4. Robert Mullaney

    see above. I responded to your PM over @ opencart. let me know if the issue persists and we’ll try making some time to debug the issue on your server. If a solution is found to notify the user that the payment gateway is not responding we will add it to the module’s core.

  5. Me!

    I have the same problem. cart version, same thing. Loading and nothing happens. Please contact me as soon as possible.

  6. Nivi

    I too have followed tommyz’s notes on this forum topic, after downloading and installing the VirtualMerchant payment module. And I too am having the problem indicated by other users.

    As far as documentation to update, I would incorporate tommyz’s comments (just add it after the installation instructions), and then add a FAQ section. If this behavior is common, tell us exactly what we see and what we should do to address it. Namely:

    Problem: after installing the software and setting it up specifically as instructed, I test the module by entering data in the fields as directed, then click Confirm Order. At this point, the ‘Please wait’ line appears for a few seconds then disappears, with the form fields still filled in.


    I am able to log into the Virtual Merchant site, and manually process a credit card transaction, so I know their server isn’t down. I am sure this can be resolved easily, so I am delaying rating the module. Any advice would be appreciated.


    1. Robert Mullaney

      Thanks for letting me get in and update the script using your account. That helped a lot since I never encountered such issues when I wrote the module. Good luck with your new store and functional payment module!


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