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Additional Alert Email Does Not Work in OpenCart

Even though we are still finding bug in Open Cart, it is still a far cry better than what we’ve seen from 3.x by far.

You may have noticed the “Additional Alert Email” field simply will not save in your OpenCart “Store Settings” editor. This is a result of the OC devs renaming the input field in without changing the references everywhere else. Continue reading

SEO URLs for OpenCart Using a “web.config” File on Windows IIS Server

I always suggest Linux hosting for any OpenCart installations. The main OC developers either don’t know much about Windows IIS or neglect to include the necessary SEO URL configuration file for it to work.

This omission results in “not found” 404 (dead link) errors when you visit a page with an SEO URL assigned after enabling SEO URLs in your OpenCart store settings.
Continue reading

WePay API, Iframe and Redirected Payments (All-In-One) for Open Cart

UPDATE: Buy this extension here!

Adds support for WePay Payments within Open Cart 1.5.x!

Multiple Checkout Modes

  • Credit Card Tokenization
  • Embedded wepay Iframe
  • Redirect to wepay.com

WePay API Version: 2014-01-08 (latest)

WePay Payments for Open Cart 1.5.x

Looking for a different payment gateway? Contact me for more information.

Not Found Monitor for Open Cart Updated

I revisited my Not Found Monitor extension for Open Cart and decided to add the ability to override the status header for each URI. If you do not override the header, it defaults back to what is defined in the extension’s general settings.

Buy Not Found Monitor at OpenCart.com or from my extension store!

I also found and fixed an unreported bug while manually deleting hit records 😀

404 Not Found Monitor with Redirects and Email Notifications for Open Cart

Not Found Monitor is an easy-to-use tool for tracking and redirecting 404 (not found) page errors.

Buy Not Found monitor here!

Locate broken links, missing products, invalid categories, lost manufacturers, deleted information pages and old SEO keyword URLs. Simply install Not Found Monitor, turn it on, and (optionally) enter an email address to receive new 404 notifications. Then sit back and relax.

Not Found Monitor Features:

  • Add Manual Entries
  • Optional Email Notifications
  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • Referral History

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QuickBooks XML API Payments for Open Cart

UPDATE: Buy this extension here!

Here is another QuickBooks payment gateway extension for Open Cart 1.5.x! This one ties into the QBMS XML Payments API. Now you can keep the customer on you site during the checkout process!

QuickBooks API Payments for Open Cart 1.5.x

Looking for a different payment gateway? Contact me for more information.

Paymate Sentinel API Payments for Opencart

HEY: Buy this extension here!

Open Cart currently comes with the remotely hosted Paymate payment solution. This new extension however, allows you to receive payment without sending the customer to paymate.com!

Note: Utilization of Paymate’s Sentinel API requires a Paymate.com account AND approval from Paymate Client Services to receive API credentials.

Paymate Sentinel API Payments for Open Cart 1.5.x