Additional Alert Email Does Not Work in OpenCart

Even though we are still finding bug in Open Cart, it is still a far cry better than what we’ve seen from 3.x by far.

You may have noticed the “Additional Alert Email” field simply will not save in your OpenCart “Store Settings” editor. This is a result of the OC devs renaming the input field in without changing the references everywhere else.

We have seen a few proposed solutions to fix this on the web, but most are incomplete or make far too many unnecessary changes.

Only one very minor change was necessary to fix the problem, revert back to the previous field name. Before having this brilliant idea, we were updating the admin template and all front-end models that relied on the setting value.

So in short, do this…

  • Replace “config_mail_alert_email” with “config_alert_email” in “admin/view/template/setting/setting.tpl”

Yeah, it’s really that simple 😛

<rant>If OC devs would focus on quality code development, and Daniel wouldn’t losing his mind every time someone reports legitimate bugs, OpenCart could be an amazing system. Alas that will never happen.</rant>

PS: RapidCart is fast approaching on the horizon. Leave us a comment if you’re interested in being treated like you matter as a developer or want to be a part of our team 😉

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