Bill Me Later Payments for Open Cart

IMPORTANT: You must now use “PayPal Payments Standard” (included with OpenCart) to let customers buy via “PayPal Credit” (formerly known as Bill Me Later)

UPDATE: Buy this extension here!

I have finished with yet another new extension for Open Cart. This one allows you to specify Bill Me Later® (BML) as a payment method during checkout.

This is a standalone implementation. A customer does not need a PayPal account to pay using BML. The customer enters the last 4 of their social security number and date of birth at, and are approved within a few seconds. The extension processes the response just like any other payment method.

Want to add Bill Me Later (BML, as a payment method to OpenCart 1.5.x? Need it for another shopping cart such as osCommerce or Zen Cart? Post a comment and I’ll be in touch :D

UPDATE: Bill Me Later payment module published for purchase at

9 thoughts on “Bill Me Later Payments for Open Cart

  1. Marie-Ève Boily


    I am currently making a quote for a customer that requires the Bill Me Later function. We plan on using OpenCart to make the store and your extension. Could you please provide me with the price of your extension in order to add it to my quote? If we get the project, we ill buy it from you.

    Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      I will be listing it for $75 as soon as it’s published. Bear in mind this is the “Lite” version that sends the customer to the application form (eg: DOB, last 4 of SSN, accept terms). Then they are returned to complete checkout upon approval/rejection.

  2. Ken Zing

    I have a website and I can integrate the Bill me later, but most of my clients were PayPal refuse even when they are in possession of your account BML. I want to integrate the extension of your web page for BML. I currently own an account ID number and BML to install the extension, but how to withdraw money on my account? Thank you!

    1. admin Post author

      For account questions you need to contact customer service at BML. We stopped development on this project a while ago though the code still works for those who can log in at

  3. Abhilash

    I would like to use your billmelater extension for our opencart. Please contact [email removed] Or please provide your email id.

    I hope your extension will support paypal credit(which was bill me later earlier). Please confirm.

    1. admin Post author

      The “Bill Me Later” extension is no longer supported since it changed to PayPal Credit. You have to redirect the customer to PayPal so they have the option to select “PayPal Credit” for payment. This is accomplished by configuring the “PayPal Payments Standard” payment module which is included with all versions of OpenCart.

      PS: I removed your email address so you don’t get spammed 😉


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