Outlook 2010 Keeps Starting In Safe Mode (KB311409)

If you installed updates early this month (December), you may have ended up with KB311409 which causes Outlook to keep starting in Safe Mode.

If you’re like me, before thinking this had anything to do with a Windows Update, I recreated my Outlook PST file multiple times and was pulling my hair out by the end of the day (note: I never noticed “Safe Mode” in the window title).

Today, a co-worker asked me why their Outlook kept starting in Safe Mode. This prompted me to do some searching. Once I noticed the reported issue, I uninstalled the update from her machine and her problem was solved.

Then… I looked at the window title on my own workstation. Yep, there it is plain as day … SAFE MODE. Uninstalled the same update from my computer and voila!

Here’s how to remove KB311409…

  1. Open Windows Update
  2. Click “View Update History”
  3. Click “Installed Updates”
  4. Search for: KB311409
  5. Right-click “Update for Outlook 2010 (KB311409)” and choose “Uninstall”

Microsoft is aware of the problem and has since pulled the update so there is no need to hide it from future updates 😉

Hope this helps someone else!

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