Disable Windows 10 Upgrades and Hide GWX (for Good)

I recently wrote a guide for removing GWX (Get Windows 10) and preventing the update from downloading again. Microsoft is however being very persistent and pushing the upgrade again via higher-priority updates.

Microsoft labeled another update (which includes the GWX.exe) as a recommended update which means most of us end up downloading it without even knowing (convenient for most, annoying for many).

The easiest way to get rid of the latest nag screen/icon is to apply the following registry patch (save text as “DisableWIN10.reg” then open the file)…

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



You can also download DisableWin10.zip and execute the “DisableWin10.reg” file contained therein. Doing so will automatically add the above entries to your Windows Registry.

Once you have modified the registry, restart your computer and voila! No more tray icon, and the Windows 10 upgrade is effectively blocked (handy for IT admins who need to save people from themselves).

To enable the Windows 10 upgrade at a later date, simply remove the new registry keys and restart your computer.

DISCLAIMER: Edit the Windows Registry at your own risk as inappropriate changes can disable your operating system. Before making any changes, I recommend you back up the registry by selecting Computer from the left pane, then choosing File > Export… after launching the Registry Editor and . (Note: To export the Registry, you need to use “regedit.exe” to launch the Registry Editor.)

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