Installing Updates for Older Adobe CS Suites

If you’re like me, every once in a while you decide to reset  your computer (format & reinstall everything). This means downloading the updates for all your (new and old) software.

Some software like Adobe Application Updates however, simply refuse to install with little or no explanation for older versions of the applications.

The cause? An internally coded expiration date. That is the only thing keeping your updates from installing.

The solution? Roll back your system clock before downloading the updates.

My case happens to be Adobe Web Premium CS5. Yeah it’s a little older, but how can one justify upgrading without significant difference in the software for years. When I upgraded from CS3, not getting much in terms of new or better performance was disappointing, so why bother… right?

On my system, setting the year to 2010 before downloading and installing updates completes without any problem. It is worth mentioning this was done on a clean install of Windows 10 Home.

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