Know When Visitors Arrive Using LiveZilla Windows App

One of the things that kinda bugged me about the LiveZilla Windows App was the inability to know what’s going on without being in the actual app. Simply put, there are no visual or audible notifications except for chat requests.

Today I finally decided to figure out a better way to monitor my web traffic… Events!

  1. Click the “Lightning Bolt” icon in the LiveZilla toolbar.
  2. Name the event whatever you like
    • I used “New Visitor”
  3. Add an Action
  4. Choose Type: (Operator) Play Sound
  5. Enter a web-accessible path to any MP3 file
    • I used a short and subtle “ringing bell” sound
  6. Select the Operators
  7. Click “Ok”

Then under “Advanced” set “Triggering” to “Trigger event one time per Visitor” and click “Ok”.  You can trigger the event as often as you like, but that can get annoying real quick on busy sites 😉

That’s it! You now have an audible alert when a new visitor enters a site that is running the installed version of LiveZilla chat software.

Now… if LiveZilla GmbH would just add a visual counter to the system tray icon, it would be perfect (and not really need an audio notification) 😁

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