How to Whitelist Emails & Domains in (MSN, Hotmail, Live, etc)

You ever go looking for an email only to find it in your Junk Mail folder? Here are a few ways to whitelist senders and/or domains avoid the issue.

Individual Messages

This method effectively whitelists the sender of a single message and moves it to your “Inbox” folder.

  1. Open your Junk Mail folder
  2. Right-click the message
  3. Choose “Mark as not junk”

TIP: You can also “Block” senders from the same menu 👍

Manually Whitelist Emails and Domains

If you expect to trust all emails from a particular domain (accountants, banks, etc) you can whitelist their entire domain. This way, regardless of who is sending, any email from their domain will be treated as “Not Junk” and be delivered to your “Inbox” folder

  1. Click the “Gear” icon (top-right of window)
  2. Click “View all Outlook settings”
  3. Click “Mail”
  4. Click “Junk email”
  5. Click “+ Add” under “Safe senders and domains”
  6. Enter the email address or domain
    • You can enter to add a sender, or to whitelist all senders from that domain.
  7. Hit the “Enter” key

TIP: Never whitelist free email domains such,,, etc. You can whitelist individual senders, but most (if not all) free email services are used to send high-volume spam, so whitelisting the entire domain is a bad idea 🙅‍♂️

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