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Auto-claim Zynga Rewards (Everybody & Friends)

Here’s a little bookmarklet I wrote that you can add use automatically collect Zynga rewards while you’re playing games over at It seems to work for all rewards regardless of which game you’re playing (though I primarily use it for CastleVille).

javascript:var classesPublic='zui_list_itemsContainer zui_zdc_gameboard_rts_rtsList_itemsContainer zui_zdc_gameboard_rts_rtsPublicList_itemsContainer';var classesNeighbors='zui_list_itemsContainer zui_zdc_gameboard_rts_rtsList_itemsContainer zui_zdc_gameboard_rts_rtsNeighborList_itemsContainer';var classesButtons='zui zui_button zui_enabled zui_button_enabled zui_zdc zui_button_zdc zui_zdc_enabled zui_button_zdc_enabled zui_button_tiny zui_button_white';var unclaimedRewardsNeighbors,unclaimedRewardsPublic;var unclaimedNeighborsInit=unclaimedPublicInit=true;function collectRewardsNeighbors(){for(unclaimedIndex=0;unclaimedIndex=1){if(unclaimedNeighborsInit){unclaimedNeighborsInit=false;collectRewardsNeighbors();}else{setTimeout('collectRewardsNeighbors()',1000);}}},false);var parentUnclaimedPublic=document.getElementsByClassName(classesPublic)[0];parentUnclaimedPublic.addEventListener('DOMSubtreeModified',function(){unclaimedRewardsPublic=parentUnclaimedPublic.getElementsByClassName(classesButtons);if(unclaimedRewardsPublic.length>=1){if(unclaimedPublicInit){unclaimedPublicInit=false;collectRewardsPublic();}else{setTimeout('collectRewardsPublic()',1000);}}},false);

What you need to do, is copy the code above and paste it into a new bookmark within your browser. Couldn’t be easier 🙂

Note: This script requires a browser that supports the DOMSubtreeModified – DOM Level 2 Mutation Event (eg: IE9, FF, Safari and Chrome)

Calculator: Convert Xbox Live Microsoft Points (MSP) to USD

Here is a calculator (requires JavaScript) to convert Xbox Live Microsoft Points into USD (dollars) and vice versa.

Microsoft Point Converter


Simply enter an amount into either field and the conversion is automatic.

PS: If you leech my code, at least link to me for credit 😉

Download a Stopwatch and Vana’diel Clock for Final Fantasy XI

Hey everyone, here are some helpful downloads for those of you that play FFXI (Final Fantasy 11).

Stopwatch – I use this for camping NMs that are either timed or time-lottery spawns.
Note: PC only, use for a Mac

Vana’navi – Clock that provides airship schedules, elemental day, moon phase and more.
Note: PC only, use for a Mac

Crafting Compass – My fellow crafters know what this is for 😉

Player: Aldyn
Server: Ifrit
Linkshell: TwigsAndBerries

PS: All credits to their authors are found within the executable downloads 😀

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare

As some of you may already know, I am an Xbox 360 console gamer. My 2 favorite genres are role-playing games (RPG) and first-person shooters (FPS). I, as well as many other gamers participated in the COD4:MW beta, and I have to tell you… I can’t wait! This game was absolutely unbelievable in the multiplayer-only beta version so I can only imagine what the final release will be like in terms of multiplayer action and the solo campaign.

From what I have read there is no Xbox Live cooperative campaign in the final release… what a shame. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing deathmatches and objective based games like capture the flag (CTF) online, but just bringing in one or 2 friends to mix things up a bit in the campaign is usually a lot of fun for me (Formerly Known As: Buck Fitches; Currently Known As: Hates XBL) and my buddy Ryan (Ceymore Butts).