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Happy New Year 2012

I’d like to wish all of my visitors and fellow coders a happy and prosperous new year. Keep checking out my blog in 2012 for some new sections included but not limited to java, c++ and iphone/android app development. This should be a good year.

PowWeb a little short on hosting power…

I am working on a new client’s site. He happened to already have hosting/email set up with PowWeb. I had of course heard of them so I did not immediately suggest moving to a larger provider as I usually tend to do when it comes to mom/pop hosting companies.

While PowWeb’s control panel seems relatively intuitive and feature-rich, their network and/or servers are so slow I want to shoot myself. This client is using their “PowWeb OnePlan” which is probably one of the low-end packages, but nevertheless it should not be this slow. I acutally have to wait for a 1k file to upload using Dreamweaver, I mean come on… seriously?

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Some people may think GoDaddy/WildWestDomains shouldn’t be in the hosting business, but they are actually quite easy to deal with and impose very few restrictions, most of which you can easily override 🙂

Future proof PHP class constructer compatible with php4 and higher

Since there was no real viable reference to either confirm or oppose my methods, I figured this may help someone else that is trying to make sure they don’t have to change their code based on the installed PHP version.

As most of us already know, initializing a new class object in PHP4 required the constructor to have the same name as the class.

class Myclass {
 function Myclass()
  echo 'Myclass initialized';

Then __construct() was introduced in PHP5.

class Myclass {
 function __construct()
  echo 'Myclass initialized';

Now you may be thinking “I’ll just use this from now on”. I however have to write for multiple versions of PHP4/5 and must keep backwards compatibility in mind (at least for now). Here is what I use to make sure it works on all versions of PHP that currently support object-oriented programming or OOP. Anything earlier than PHP4 and I simply tell the client to find a new host, lol. Continue reading Future proof PHP class constructer compatible with php4 and higher

GoDaddy, Filezilla and getting blocked while uploading via FTP

I write code for a growing number of clients who host their sites with GoDaddy and Wild West Domains (GoDaddy’s Resller Program). My aresnal includes Photoshop & Expression Web (not a huge fan of Dreamweaver) for visual layout, Filezilla for uploading, and Notepad++ for coding (tried nppFTP plugin for FTP, that didn’t last long, too “buggy”).

Frequently I would be uploading a files after making my initial FTP connection and within a few minutes the connection would time out and I would be unable to reconnect. I figured since it was a shared hosting environment, their hardware and/or software firewall was just being very cautious. After cloning my PC’s IP address in my local router and restarting my cable modem (force renew my IP), I was able to resume work. Inevitably the issue would creep back up quickly.

Continue reading GoDaddy, Filezilla and getting blocked while uploading via FTP

Blog Spam Bots… Who Actually Lets These Comments Through?

Just a little rant from my end after going through my blog comment spam list…

I am so sick and tired of automated bots slamming my blog TRYING to get their bogus comments in the promote their sites. I mean seriously, unless you’re an idiot and just auto-approve all comments (in which case you should be flogged repeatedly and be cut off by your ISP), who would approve obvious spam comments?

For any of you that are still manually flagging WordPress comments, you can get Akismet for free for personal use (if you’re running a business blog, be honest and just pay for the software). If you look to the right side of my page, you’ll see the number of comments automatically marked as spam since I installed it on September 9th, 2010.

Unfortunately it makes me realize how unpopular my blog is since 99% of my comments are spam, lol.

XHTML Compatible Flash Object Tag for IE7 and FF2

I have been all over the web looking for a good solution that will display a flash movie in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Most of what I have seen are bloated hacks and workarounds. If we just take a look at the XHTML standards set forth by ther W3C, the answer can be found.

Even though there are many attributes that are considered acceptable by the standards, too many designers are over-complicating the problem at hand. Here is an example of a streamlined object tag that works as expected in most modern browsers.

Continue reading XHTML Compatible Flash Object Tag for IE7 and FF2

Fractions to Decimal Conversion Table

Since I deal a lot with designing artwork in US measurements (fractions) using Illustrator and Photoshop, more often than not I have to break out a calculator to determine the decimal value of a fractional measurement.

Lets say I need to create a document that is 4 inches wide by 3 7/16 inches high. Obviously 4 inches needs no conversion, but then you have the 3 7/16 inches measurement. First you take 1, divide it by 16, then multiply the result by 7… what a pain.

So I have thrown together a quick reference guide that start at 1/64 and goes up to 63/64 with each variation in between. Bookmark or print this page to save a copy for your own personal reference. The most common fractions for my purposes are outlined in bold.

Continue reading Fractions to Decimal Conversion Table

Welcome to my own little personal piece of the web…

Go figure. I have been working with the web for over a decade and only recently registered my own name as a dot com. In retrospect, I cannot fathom why I waited this long to get it. I registered today at for only $6.95. So if you are looking for an inexpensive domain registrar, there’s the link. After getting my name and setting up a hosting account (I manage my company’s dedicated servers), I decided to start a blog.

I don’t know exactly how often I will post, but most of what I put on here will be useful in one way or another to me and maybe even you. A lot of what you will find will most likely be code references or links to other sites I tend to use a lot.

My company also spends a lot of time and resources on companies whom, if we deem appropriate, may be referenced here from time-to-time as reputable vendors worth seeking out. This does not mean to contact me for a write-up on your company. If you are worth our time, I will find you and make up my own opinion 🙂