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Quickly Hide Trending Tags and Topics from Facebook

Here is a bookmarklet you can use to quickly hide the “Trending” [Tags and Topics] panel from your Facebook wall…


That should work in nearly all modern browsers since it uses basic JavaScript that has worked for quite some time to apply element styles.

You may also be able to right-click the following link and save it as a bookmark 😉

FB: Hide Trending Tags/Topics

Horizontal icon (footer) layout for Facebook chat contacts window… kind of like the Mac OSX app bar

If you came here looking for the code, that will be a bit further down the road. Here is the plan…

Take this…

Note: The above screen has my hide offline users mod applied 😉

And make it look more like this…

This is a “for fun” project and will be completed as time permits. So check back soon for progress updates.


Hide offline contacts from Facebook chat

If you’re like me, you stay logged into Facebook throughout the day. I work online so this is not uncommon.

One thing I have always hated is that there are no preferences for how you want to filter that list. Personally I find it pointless to show you offline contacts in an instant chat interface. I know some people use it to leave messages, but I am not one of them.

Assuming you know how to modify your browser’s custom style sheet, this is all you need to add and those offline users will no longer be visible!

.fbChatOrderedList li.item,
.fbChatOrderedList li.separator {
    display: none !important;
.fbChatOrderedList li.active,
.fbChatOrderedList li.mobile {
    display: block !important;

Feel free to post questions, comments or even improvements.