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Here you will find various snippets and code examples that I have used to make some thing in my life a little easier to deal with.

PHP: Check MySQL database to see if table, field, or value exists

This procedural function will tell you if the table you are looking for is found within your currently selected MySQL database. Optionally, it will also determine if a column exists within the specified table. You can even pass the a value as the optional third parameter to see if the field’s value is also what you expect. Continue reading

Quickly Hide Trending Tags and Topics from Facebook

Here is a bookmarklet you can use to quickly hide the “Trending” [Tags and Topics] panel from your Facebook wall…


That should work in nearly all modern browsers since it uses basic JavaScript that has worked for quite some time to apply element styles.

You may also be able to right-click the following link and save it as a bookmark 😉

FB: Hide Trending Tags/Topics

Automatically expand textarea to fit content using jQuery without autogrow or autosize plugins

I’m sure there is a more efficient way to do this, but it suited my needs.

$(function() {
        $(this).each(function(index, element) {
    }).keyup(); //trigger event to initialize pre-filled textareas

Enjoy 🙂

CodeIgniter: Load View from Database (more or less)

I have seen a few people asking how to load a view from a database (or something other than a physical file in the “views” folder).

In my particular case, a client wants the ability to edit HTML and TEXT email templates. Without giving them direct access to editing the physical files, I decided to move the views being used for email to the database instead. Continue reading

Updated ISO-3166 Country List as PHP Array

Here is an updated version of ISO-3166 Country List as PHP Array

$countries = array(
    'AF' => 'Afghanistan',
    'AX' => 'Åland Islands',
    'AL' => 'Albania',
    'DZ' => 'Algeria',
    'AS' => 'American Samoa',
    'AD' => 'Andorra',
    'AO' => 'Angola',
    'AI' => 'Anguilla',
    'AQ' => 'Antarctica',
    'AG' => 'Antigua and Barbuda',
    'AR' => 'Argentina',
    'AM' => 'Armenia',
    'AW' => 'Aruba',
    'AU' => 'Australia',
    'AT' => 'Austria',
    'AZ' => 'Azerbaijan',
    'BS' => 'Bahamas',
    'BH' => 'Bahrain',
    'BD' => 'Bangladesh',
    'BB' => 'Barbados',
    'BY' => 'Belarus',
    'BE' => 'Belgium',
    'BZ' => 'Belize',
    'BJ' => 'Benin',
    'BM' => 'Bermuda',
    'BT' => 'Bhutan',
    'BO' => 'Bolivia, Plurinational State of',
    'BQ' => 'Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba',
    'BA' => 'Bosnia and Herzegovina',
    'BW' => 'Botswana',
    'BV' => 'Bouvet Island',
    'BR' => 'Brazil',
    'IO' => 'British Indian Ocean Territory',
    'BN' => 'Brunei Darussalam',
    'BG' => 'Bulgaria',
    'BF' => 'Burkina Faso',
    'BI' => 'Burundi',
    'KH' => 'Cambodia',
    'CM' => 'Cameroon',
    'CA' => 'Canada',
    'CV' => 'Cape Verde',
    'KY' => 'Cayman Islands',
    'CF' => 'Central African Republic',
    'TD' => 'Chad',
    'CL' => 'Chile',
    'CN' => 'China',
    'CX' => 'Christmas Island',
    'CC' => 'Cocos (Keeling) Islands',
    'CO' => 'Colombia',
    'KM' => 'Comoros',
    'CG' => 'Congo',
    'CD' => 'Congo, the Democratic Republic of the',
    'CK' => 'Cook Islands',
    'CR' => 'Costa Rica',
    'CI' => 'Côte d\'Ivoire',
    'HR' => 'Croatia',
    'CU' => 'Cuba',
    'CW' => 'Curaçao',
    'CY' => 'Cyprus',
    'CZ' => 'Czech Republic',
    'DK' => 'Denmark',
    'DJ' => 'Djibouti',
    'DM' => 'Dominica',
    'DO' => 'Dominican Republic',
    'EC' => 'Ecuador',
    'EG' => 'Egypt',
    'SV' => 'El Salvador',
    'GQ' => 'Equatorial Guinea',
    'ER' => 'Eritrea',
    'EE' => 'Estonia',
    'ET' => 'Ethiopia',
    'FK' => 'Falkland Islands (Malvinas)',
    'FO' => 'Faroe Islands',
    'FJ' => 'Fiji',
    'FI' => 'Finland',
    'FR' => 'France',
    'GF' => 'French Guiana',
    'PF' => 'French Polynesia',
    'TF' => 'French Southern Territories',
    'GA' => 'Gabon',
    'GM' => 'Gambia',
    'GE' => 'Georgia',
    'DE' => 'Germany',
    'GH' => 'Ghana',
    'GI' => 'Gibraltar',
    'GR' => 'Greece',
    'GL' => 'Greenland',
    'GD' => 'Grenada',
    'GP' => 'Guadeloupe',
    'GU' => 'Guam',
    'GT' => 'Guatemala',
    'GG' => 'Guernsey',
    'GN' => 'Guinea',
    'GW' => 'Guinea-Bissau',
    'GY' => 'Guyana',
    'HT' => 'Haiti',
    'HM' => 'Heard Island and McDonald Islands',
    'VA' => 'Holy See (Vatican City State)',
    'HN' => 'Honduras',
    'HK' => 'Hong Kong',
    'HU' => 'Hungary',
    'IS' => 'Iceland',
    'IN' => 'India',
    'ID' => 'Indonesia',
    'IR' => 'Iran, Islamic Republic of',
    'IQ' => 'Iraq',
    'IE' => 'Ireland',
    'IM' => 'Isle of Man',
    'IL' => 'Israel',
    'IT' => 'Italy',
    'JM' => 'Jamaica',
    'JP' => 'Japan',
    'JE' => 'Jersey',
    'JO' => 'Jordan',
    'KZ' => 'Kazakhstan',
    'KE' => 'Kenya',
    'KI' => 'Kiribati',
    'KP' => 'Korea, Democratic People\'s Republic of',
    'KR' => 'Korea, Republic of',
    'KW' => 'Kuwait',
    'KG' => 'Kyrgyzstan',
    'LA' => 'Lao People\'s Democratic Republic',
    'LV' => 'Latvia',
    'LB' => 'Lebanon',
    'LS' => 'Lesotho',
    'LR' => 'Liberia',
    'LY' => 'Libya',
    'LI' => 'Liechtenstein',
    'LT' => 'Lithuania',
    'LU' => 'Luxembourg',
    'MO' => 'Macao',
    'MK' => 'Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of',
    'MG' => 'Madagascar',
    'MW' => 'Malawi',
    'MY' => 'Malaysia',
    'MV' => 'Maldives',
    'ML' => 'Mali',
    'MT' => 'Malta',
    'MH' => 'Marshall Islands',
    'MQ' => 'Martinique',
    'MR' => 'Mauritania',
    'MU' => 'Mauritius',
    'YT' => 'Mayotte',
    'MX' => 'Mexico',
    'FM' => 'Micronesia, Federated States of',
    'MD' => 'Moldova, Republic of',
    'MC' => 'Monaco',
    'MN' => 'Mongolia',
    'ME' => 'Montenegro',
    'MS' => 'Montserrat',
    'MA' => 'Morocco',
    'MZ' => 'Mozambique',
    'MM' => 'Myanmar',
    'NA' => 'Namibia',
    'NR' => 'Nauru',
    'NP' => 'Nepal',
    'NL' => 'Netherlands',
    'NC' => 'New Caledonia',
    'NZ' => 'New Zealand',
    'NI' => 'Nicaragua',
    'NE' => 'Niger',
    'NG' => 'Nigeria',
    'NU' => 'Niue',
    'NF' => 'Norfolk Island',
    'MP' => 'Northern Mariana Islands',
    'NO' => 'Norway',
    'OM' => 'Oman',
    'PK' => 'Pakistan',
    'PW' => 'Palau',
    'PS' => 'Palestine, State of',
    'PA' => 'Panama',
    'PG' => 'Papua New Guinea',
    'PY' => 'Paraguay',
    'PE' => 'Peru',
    'PH' => 'Philippines',
    'PN' => 'Pitcairn',
    'PL' => 'Poland',
    'PT' => 'Portugal',
    'PR' => 'Puerto Rico',
    'QA' => 'Qatar',
    'RE' => 'Réunion',
    'RO' => 'Romania',
    'RU' => 'Russian Federation',
    'RW' => 'Rwanda',
    'BL' => 'Saint Barthélemy',
    'SH' => 'Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha',
    'KN' => 'Saint Kitts and Nevis',
    'LC' => 'Saint Lucia',
    'MF' => 'Saint Martin (French part)',
    'PM' => 'Saint Pierre and Miquelon',
    'VC' => 'Saint Vincent and the Grenadines',
    'WS' => 'Samoa',
    'SM' => 'San Marino',
    'ST' => 'Sao Tome and Principe',
    'SA' => 'Saudi Arabia',
    'SN' => 'Senegal',
    'RS' => 'Serbia',
    'SC' => 'Seychelles',
    'SL' => 'Sierra Leone',
    'SG' => 'Singapore',
    'SX' => 'Sint Maarten (Dutch part)',
    'SK' => 'Slovakia',
    'SI' => 'Slovenia',
    'SB' => 'Solomon Islands',
    'SO' => 'Somalia',
    'ZA' => 'South Africa',
    'GS' => 'South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands',
    'SS' => 'South Sudan',
    'ES' => 'Spain',
    'LK' => 'Sri Lanka',
    'SD' => 'Sudan',
    'SR' => 'Suriname',
    'SJ' => 'Svalbard and Jan Mayen',
    'SZ' => 'Swaziland',
    'SE' => 'Sweden',
    'CH' => 'Switzerland',
    'SY' => 'Syrian Arab Republic',
    'TW' => 'Taiwan, Province of China',
    'TJ' => 'Tajikistan',
    'TZ' => 'Tanzania, United Republic of',
    'TH' => 'Thailand',
    'TL' => 'Timor-Leste',
    'TG' => 'Togo',
    'TK' => 'Tokelau',
    'TO' => 'Tonga',
    'TT' => 'Trinidad and Tobago',
    'TN' => 'Tunisia',
    'TR' => 'Turkey',
    'TM' => 'Turkmenistan',
    'TC' => 'Turks and Caicos Islands',
    'TV' => 'Tuvalu',
    'UG' => 'Uganda',
    'UA' => 'Ukraine',
    'AE' => 'United Arab Emirates',
    'GB' => 'United Kingdom',
    'US' => 'United States',
    'UM' => 'United States Minor Outlying Islands',
    'UY' => 'Uruguay',
    'UZ' => 'Uzbekistan',
    'VU' => 'Vanuatu',
    'VE' => 'Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of',
    'VN' => 'Viet Nam',
    'VG' => 'Virgin Islands, British',
    'VI' => 'Virgin Islands, U.S.',
    'WF' => 'Wallis and Futuna',
    'EH' => 'Western Sahara',
    'YE' => 'Yemen',
    'ZM' => 'Zambia',
    'ZW' => 'Zimbabwe'

Easily convert MySQL database collations and alter character sets

I can’t remember what all I looked at for references, but this completed tool will generate the SQL  commands necessary to convert your database, tables and fields from any collation and character set into another.

It goes without saying to make a backup of your database before running such commands. If you don’t make a backup first, shame on you 😛 Continue reading