How to fix dtheatre’s FormMail.php v5.0 form variables

Well, if you’re here you most likey are not getting any data from your FormMail script in the email you received. The problem is that dthetre’s script expects register_globals to be turned on. Since PHP4, most installations have register_globals turned off. This means your script will not work unless the feature is enabled. Most hosts are not likely to enable this feature (we’re one of them).

So here’s a quick workaround for the script. Add this code right after the header section of the script (before “// for ultimate security, use this instead of using the form”).


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XHTML Compatible Flash Object Tag for IE7 and FF2

I have been all over the web looking for a good solution that will display a flash movie in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Most of what I have seen are bloated hacks and workarounds. If we just take a look at the XHTML standards set forth by ther W3C, the answer can be found.

Even though there are many attributes that are considered acceptable by the standards, too many designers are over-complicating the problem at hand. Here is an example of a streamlined object tag that works as expected in most modern browsers.

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Missing IP address in email reports with (D)DoS-Deflate 0.6

First let me say that the guys over at Media Layer did a great job with (D)DoS-Deflate.

We installed the utility by following their installation instructions on the above linked page. We made on modification to the script by lowering the number of connections allowed to 50 thinking it would be acceptable for normal traffic. Shortly after, we were locked out of our own server… duh. After rebooting our DSL modem to get a new IP address, we quickly logged in and reverted to the suggested count of 150. From our experience, take the advice of the team that wrote the script 😉

The notification emails starting coming through letting us know when IP addresses were being blocked because they had more than 150 connections to our server at one time. After which we noticed the script was reporting the connection count as both the count and IP address.

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare

As some of you may already know, I am an Xbox 360 console gamer. My 2 favorite genres are role-playing games (RPG) and first-person shooters (FPS). I, as well as many other gamers participated in the COD4:MW beta, and I have to tell you… I can’t wait! This game was absolutely unbelievable in the multiplayer-only beta version so I can only imagine what the final release will be like in terms of multiplayer action and the solo campaign.

From what I have read there is no Xbox Live cooperative campaign in the final release… what a shame. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing deathmatches and objective based games like capture the flag (CTF) online, but just bringing in one or 2 friends to mix things up a bit in the campaign is usually a lot of fun for me (Formerly Known As: Buck Fitches; Currently Known As: Hates XBL) and my buddy Ryan (Ceymore Butts).

Fractions to Decimal Conversion Table

Since I deal a lot with designing artwork in US measurements (fractions) using Illustrator and Photoshop, more often than not I have to break out a calculator to determine the decimal value of a fractional measurement.

Lets say I need to create a document that is 4 inches wide by 3 7/16 inches high. Obviously 4 inches needs no conversion, but then you have the 3 7/16 inches measurement. First you take 1, divide it by 16, then multiply the result by 7… what a pain.

So I have thrown together a quick reference guide that start at 1/64 and goes up to 63/64 with each variation in between. Bookmark or print this page to save a copy for your own personal reference. The most common fractions for my purposes are outlined in bold.

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.htaccess redirect query string using mod_rewrite to another query string

I recently had the need to redirect one query string to another query string. The reason for this was we created a new item in our Zen Cart software that took the place of 3 other items. To make sure the search engines and our visitors reached the new product instead of the old ones, the following code was used to redirect them accordingly.

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Urchin Stopped Reporting Statistics

Earlier today, one of our hosting customers notified me that there Urchin stats stopped reporting traffic around the beginning of May. Of course my first questions was “why did you wait until now to tell me?” After which I started Googling the problem. I found the solution regarding How do I recover from ‘Unable to open database for writing since it has been archived’ error?.

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Welcome to my own little personal piece of the web…

Go figure. I have been working with the web for over a decade and only recently registered my own name as a dot com. In retrospect, I cannot fathom why I waited this long to get it. I registered today at for only $6.95. So if you are looking for an inexpensive domain registrar, there’s the link. After getting my name and setting up a hosting account (I manage my company’s dedicated servers), I decided to start a blog.

I don’t know exactly how often I will post, but most of what I put on here will be useful in one way or another to me and maybe even you. A lot of what you will find will most likely be code references or links to other sites I tend to use a lot.

My company also spends a lot of time and resources on companies whom, if we deem appropriate, may be referenced here from time-to-time as reputable vendors worth seeking out. This does not mean to contact me for a write-up on your company. If you are worth our time, I will find you and make up my own opinion 🙂