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Pay by Phone or Fax with Open Cart

UPDATE: Buy this extension here!

Pay By Phone (or Fax) allows your customers to complete checkout without providing payment information.

  • Multilingual
  • Does not require VQMOD
  • Fast installation
  • Simple configuration

Simply provide instructions indicating they will be contacted for payment, or provide them with contact information to call you instead of waiting.

Open Cart Extension planned to Import / Export / Update products using CSV files

I will be starting a new extension soon that will enable you to import, export and update products in your Open Cart store using simple CSV files.

I have looked around the extension directory and notice that most of these fall short or only update limited information such as stock on hand, or base prices. My extension will attempt to work with most, if not all, of the core fields of a 1.5.6 +/- vanilla install.

Check back soon for more updates regarding this upcoming release.

Bill Me Later Payments for Open Cart

IMPORTANT: You must now use “PayPal Payments Standard” (included with OpenCart) to let customers buy via “PayPal Credit” (formerly known as Bill Me Later)

UPDATE: Buy this extension here!

I have finished with yet another new extension for Open Cart. This one allows you to specify Bill Me Later® (BML) as a payment method during checkout.

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Updating all my Open Cart 1.4 and 1.5 extensions!

I am about to go through my contributions to OpenCart and make separate versions for my extensions to ensure maximum compatibility between versions. The changes made between 1.4.x and 1.5.x were significant, so there will likely be at least two downloads per extension.

This is in preparation to start developing more extensions. I am downloading all OpenCart releases from 1.4.7 through 1.5.6 today and will be evaluating the changelogs to see which versions will require new downloads.

Get ready to start seeing a lot more on OpenCart from me as I am now using it for one of my own projects. Thus making it easier to test code in a production-level environment 😉

Check out all of my OpenCart Extensions…

Many more are being developed soon!


OpenCart List View as Default Layout for Product Listings

It was brought to my attention that some themes default to grid view already and there was a need to accommodate those as well. So I modified this extension for those in need.

If you want OpenCart to display  products in list view by default (instead of grid view; the default of some themes), this is what you need 😉

OpenCart Default to List View

This extension can be used with or without VQMod 😀